Waste Paper

We source waste paper from across the globe, to be used as raw material instead of natural wood by paper mills in India. It is our small way of contributing to the preserving the environment and saving the green cover from deforestation.

Kraft Grades
  • BBK boxboard cuttings
  • KCB kraft carrier board
  • KEC kraft envelope cuttings
  • KGB kraft grocery bags
  • KGB kraft grocery bags with handles
  • KMW kraft multi-wall bag waste
  • OCC old corrugated container
  • DSOCC Double Sorted Old corrugated container.
  • POLY poly lined kraft multi-wall bag
De-Ink Grades
  • CBS coated book stock
  • CEC new color envelope cuttings
  • MCL manifold color ledger
  • MWL manifold white ledger
  • SOP Sorted Office Paper
  • SWL sorted white ledger
Pulp Substitutes
  • HWEC hard white envelope cuttings
  • HWS hard white shavings
  • PIE unprinted pie plate
  • RW ruled white
  • SWS coated soft white shavings
  • Poly Cup Stock
  • White Corrugated Waste
Ground Wood Grades
  • NTD new telephone directory
  • ONP old newspaper
  • ONP old newspaper over issue
  • WB white blank news
  • News and Pams
  • Magazine Trimmings
Speciality Grades
  • White Soft Tissue Waste with or without Cores.
  • White Wet Strength Waste.
  • White Waxed Cuttings
  • Steel Mill Kraft with Oil
  • Steel Mill Kraft without Oil
  • White Steel Mill Kraft
  • Manila File Folder Waste
  • Envelope Trimmings
  • White Plastic Window Envelopes
  • Silicon Waste

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Set up as a trading company in 2010 in Hamriyah Free Zone, Sharjah, the company has acquired an extremely strong reputation in the international markets for its superior quality of service…..

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